Sparkle Academy Teachers Training


Sparkle Academy Teachers Training is a brand that has envisaged on a journey to change the face of education and the way people look at Teachers Skills  Enhancement. Our vision is to provide the right stepping stone to move up the ladder of success.

At Sparkle Academy Teachers Training we treat each Teacher as an individual and ensure that the they are provided a structured learning program as per their individual ability.

The Teachers Training is crucial in their development as a teacher needs to develop children as a strong and mature human being. We ensure that the development is all round in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social set up.


  • With your guidance started with two kids ....and kids doing extremely well mam.....and with word of mouth in this small town my students are now 12 mam. Thanks a ton mam🙏. Indebted to you
    Poojitha Prakash

    Tiptur, Karnataka

  • Thank u Malaika.. I think the best thing about you is your teaching methodology.. you do the activities of the concepts in such a way that there's hardly any room for a doubt.. Now all I need is confidence to apply it with kids.. I really wanna start up..
    Ankita Agrawal

    Durg, Chattisgarh

  • (Verbatim) Dear Mdm Malaika, First of all thank you for your workshop.🙏 It is very fruitful for me. I really manage to learn what Jolly Phonics is, how to teach kids phonics in all the fun ways. Before this, i hv no idea how to teach my son spelling even he know how to read(coz i read a lot for him), but his spelling is very week. I dunno how to do segmentation, and dunno how to teach him phone name, graphing.... So i only can ask him to memorize by reads and writes the words repeatedly. It is boring and make he scare to learn English 😢😢 I am very happy to join your workshop. You are so experience and guide us one by one with great explanation. I appreciate for all your efforts to prepare this workshop, guide us patience and share so much informations with us. ❤️Thank you❤️
    Wong Siew Ee


  • Never expected that a 5-day program would give a complete picture of how jolly phonics works on kids. I was longing to do this course from a very long time however other commitments kept me busy. Having completed this workshop with Malaika Ribeiro Maam, gives me a sense of achievement. I must appreciate her immense dedication to patiently respond /clarify out doubts and upskill us.
    C G Preetha

    Chennai, Tamilnadu

  • Thank you I enjoyed the workshop. I am looking for teaching phonetics course next time, Madam, in the coming future
    Samer Radwan Hmeadat

    Zarqa, Jordan

  • Thank u so much ma' was a wonderful experience ...I dont remember when did last time I had learned something..taken.a class like this.......being from a r very less opportunities like this .......I have not only learnt the subject ...also learnt from u ma'am how tobe a good teacher.....thank u for answering all my questions patiently............would like to learn more things from u ma'am............🙏🏻❤😊
    Karishma V Chavhan

    Yavatmal, Maharashtra

  • Thank you so much mam for the most interesting and inspiring workshop! I didn't only enjoy it but have tried to practise it. Now I feel more confident to do something. Actually I was thinking this virtual class will not get any success after the completion but now after seeing the first workshop I was confident in joining for this present workshop. I love to join for grammar workshop but not this month plz let me the next due date of jolly grammar. Once thank you so much maam.

    Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Thanks a lot ma’am ......It was a wonderful experience.....looking forward to join more workshops. Your methods of teaching was really great.🙏🏼😊😊
    Somdatta Chakrabortee

    Bangalore, Karnataka